Friday, 7 November 2014


A lad himself
Without further ado, straight to a bit of Bowie

Change is tricky, isn't it? Stepping into the unknown with no guarantees. Yet if we don't change we die.  Kipling has just popped into my head.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it

I always pretend the last line doesn't exist. I quite like the idea of pretending that parts of works of art don't exist. Unsatisfactory bits of songs, poems; an annoying part of a painting, the part of Blogger that decides to make copied-and-pasted text AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES AFTER IT look weird.

I've not been blogging for ages, as I've been somewhat bogged down in Life and Academia. Academia has finished for now, Life continues to be boggy, so I thought I would make it bloggy as well. Hello!

One of the things I did this year was an art challenge, where I created a small piece of art on a 3"x5" card each day for the months of June of July. The challenge was invented, and is hosted by Tammy Garcia and is explained in her Daisy Yellow blogpost here. It was a great thing to do and I recommend it as an exercise in creativity, exploration, and acceptance. Here are my 61pieces:

A little hat-raising here to Butterfly, who got me started on the whole art/craft journey - thanks!

Time for some more music? I've been watching Peaky Blinders, about which I could write much, but won't. One of the things I loved about this and the previous series is the use of music.

The Bad Mr Cave and his Bad Seeds

The "theme tune" is the sublime Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Ms Harvey. Possibly also Bad. 

Covers by two other artists have also been used in this series - Arctic Monkeys (bleh) and the superb, wonderful, brilliant P J Harvey:

So here is the original and here is P J Harvey's version. Enjoy!

Thanks for popping in - the salon is open...


  1. Welcome back! I dutifully listened to all three songs. Davie Bowie - phtheah as my friend Kirstie's new spaniel is wont to say. I loved the Nick Cave and was predisposed to dislike the Harvey but in the end I couldn't make up my mind.

    I admire the idea of dumping unwanted parts of art works. I should like to lose the Mona Lisa's smile....

    1. Losing Mona Lisa's smile is an excellent idea. Would you replace it with anything, or just leave a gap?

    2. Ah now there's a question. I think she could be giving Leonardo a hard stare?

  2. Forgot - as usual -to tick the notify me of follow up comments box. So here I am again x

  3. Oh, how lovely to be meandering eclectically again. I haven't listened to the songs yet, but am beaming a big smile at all those tiny colourful artworks. I love the little primitive horses, and the fabulous Zen-D-angling garland, but the golden one with the house is probably my favourite on a first look. Lovely!
    Alison xx