Sunday, 9 December 2012


It's a busy time. The elves are giving me grief.

I haven't forgotten you though. Here are a couple of random offerings.

I wanted to post Mike Waterson singing Bitter Withy, partly because of the story told in the song and partly because it is an extraordinary rendition. Is it on YouTube? Is it buffalo. However, I found this version, annoyingly sung to a different tune but worthy of a listen. Compare and contrast the delivery of the lady and the gentleman. And where is number three?

And for those of you panting for more Arthur Brown - here he is with Kingdom Come. I am indebted to the person who posted Galactic Zoo Dossier in its entirety and commend it to you. However, if you only want to listen to the very short section that sprang into my mind the other day, start listening at 26.07. You are after Brains. Blink and you'll miss it.

Back to the grindstone. Ho ho ho.

Thanks for popping in - do visit the salon while you're here.


  1. Interesting name - Ralf Incense. Very fitting for the time of year. I think she is an AT robot. Though I notice she turned and smiled at Incense Man at the end. I prefer him. Third of the trio appeared at the end to take up his Geige.

    Not sure that I would want Arthur Brown - there are people panting? Not me.

    Nice to have the salon open again :-)

    1. Ooh that'll teach me not to watch videos right to the end. Or rather it will teach me to watch them. Gosh, have confused myself. Ralf Incense? How charming.

  2. I think a few words on Elf Management might be called for, but first an exclamation about Bitter Withy - which seems to be Jesus-as-Football-Hooligan meets 50 Shades of Grey.

    Glad you're open by the way...

    I think the third member of the trio was expressing his distaste about the subject matter and only returned when it was over. By the way, I'm not convinced that Ralf "Sandalwood and Patchouli" Weihrauch is a real person. I know he's out there on youtube, but neither Wikipedia nor the BBC music website have been able to pin down any biographical details...

    Elves...DO NOT let your elves get the better of you. They are there to make your life easier, not the other way round. I blame the Lord of the Rings trilogy - they all seem to have agents these days. They're as bad as Premiership footballers. We gave up on elves a while ago and get by very nicely with an assortment of fairies and St Anthony.

    1. Thank you for commenting on Bitter Withy - isn't it strange? There are a other songs (e.g. The Holy Well, where he is similarly rejected by the gentry) determined to show Jesus as an ordinary lad, but none where he is so murderous.
      Perhaps Ralf et al only appear at Christmas, like Brigadoon. Not that Brigadoon appears at Christmas, but you take my meaning.
      How very strong-minded not to deal in elves any more - not sure I'm ready for that.

    2. Well Herr Incense does have a whole website of his very own, right here.

      Sadly he seems to wish to keep it all a German secret. But if it's biography you're after here's your starter for ten: "Die musikalische Karriere von Ralf Weihrauch begann im Alter von 14, als er auf einer Bühne A-Capella-Folksongs sang. Bodhran, Tin Whistle und Akkordeon brachte er sich selber bei.

      Mit 16 war er Mitglied der Irish-Folk Band Tra Na Rossan. 1982 engagierte das Gelsenkirchener Musiktheater im Revier den damals 17-Jährigen für die Kindertheater-Produktion "David und Goliath"."

      A small consideration could produce a translation rather better than google's :-)

      As to elves, I quite agree - I always thought they were the good ones. It's gnomes you need to watch out for.....

  3. Oh we are truly a EuroSalon. Thank you for that marvellous opportunity to engage my rusty German (as 'twere). Much is made clear about his accent...I bet David und Goliath was the heart-rending tale of the battle for supremacy between a young German singer in an Irish folk music band and his death metal guitar elf.

  4. Haste ye both to my latest post where the glorious Mike Waterson is available. I won't be upset if you don't like it - it's hardcore folk and not to everyone's taste

  5. Some acquired tastes here... have not much time to acquire them at present - less elves than goblins it seems to me. Or rather the creeping pressures of Craftyblogland...

    What is that noise people make when they're "doing" folk? Did everyone once speak/sing in nasal Westcountry-ese? (This is a-propos of the later post, so should really be asked there...)
    Alison xx

    1. Oh gosh yes, goblins, not gnomes. Oh well, start letter is correct at least....