Saturday, 22 December 2012


Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche. No
information about the cat, sorry
We Three Kings

Do you know The Roches' lovely
We Three Kings?

If not, get it now! Here is a YouTube clip of very poor quality, with some of the songs, but don't let that put you off.

Here's what I wanted to play:

For Unto Us a Child is Born - The Roches | Muziboo

But remember - "'E's not the messiah - e's a VERY NAUGHTY BOY!" 

Thanks for popping in. The salon is open for comments - tastefully decorated for the season.


  1. Lovely. I like The Roches a lot..."Mr Sellack" was a big favourite. They were part of my Hull-early-80's music life (well, not them personally)...another aspect of which was American Lesbian Music - Alix Dobkin, Cris Williamson, Margie Adams - did you ever encounter it Head Salonista?? (oops...makes you sound like the Manager of a chain of hairdressers' establishments)

    I will now have to dig out the couple of CD's I own of theirs and get listening. Thank you for that, Salonistissima

    1. Brilliant "Mr Sellack" the first of theirs I heard - Cris Williamson yes, other ladies no. And I like to think of The Roches transported to Hull...

  2. P.S. The cat is Bijou. She travels through time and space.

  3. Well, as you now know (due, obviously to telepathic post-solstice communication) the answer could to that question could be "either of them"...they thought they had me fooled (and foolish) but I am finally wise to their beguiling ways...I think you are right to mention the Cat of Misrule. Bijou and Bisou are her minions. Twin minions.

  4. Ver' ver' nice....nevaire heard of Les Roches. Other than on Guernsey in ze books of Madame Brent-Dyer. I liked them. Both the singers and the books.

    I see no decorations however. Un chameau c'est n'est pas du decorations....

    It may not even be a camel actually, am too tired to go check.

  5. Replies
    1. At a pinch, one and a half maybe

    2. And I still maintain camels, however many they may be, are in no sense of the word, a decoration. They spit.....

  6. Hmm... They are splendid harmonisers, but as a voice+technology curmudgeon - do they really have to have all that reverb effect on their mikes on the youtube clips? I know the studio's probably got a hideous acoustic, but really - a half second of reverb is pushing it, I'd say. 1980s, of course, explains it... and the tinsel hair is certainly worth the price of admission!

    And sorry, but don't start me on the synthesizers on For Unto Us... the Music Quiz on audio tape which asked us to identify "instruments" from their sounds, and then played synthesized versions of them remains one of our darkest Christmas hours; Adam (quizmaster) took the sensible option of lying about the answers - saying that they included "synth" in the wording - in order to prevent apoplectic explosions from my corner of the room. As far as I'm concerned (still!) the only correct answer is "synthesizer" NOT eg. flute (even flute/synth, Adam)...

    Oops, may have gone over the top... probably bedtime! I'll listen again in the morning, and probably love them.
    Alison x

    1. I wasn't terribly keen on the YouTube clip - thought it oddly sterile. And they looked rather as if they had been captured and made to sing. Sorry to inadvertently trigger such hideous memories. What a peacemaker Adam is - he should work for the UN. x